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I am Kelli Vee. 23 year old from DFW, TX. other things.

I have found myself lost in the dimensions of neglect. Not only with the world, but I have failed to find my own way. On a one way street, I considered you a fork in my road. You’ve lead me along various paths, but none of them turned into shortcuts.

Your warmth has been so enticing, but your verses of manipulation were always ice cold and cut me close to the bone. Personal hopes have been too high and I’ve been longing for a memory that has since faded away. All I want/all I ever wanted was reciprocated love, yet I feel abandonment has become most prominent.

I’ll keep waiting for something to love me; for something to stay.

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"Don’t call it anything, don’t label it anything. Keep your mind silent. You stay in touch with whatever you are experiencing, and you let go of resisting it. You are going to experience it, you are going to decompress it. You can do that with pain and any kind of suffering. The suffering is due to the resistance. If you keep surrendering to it you will undo it."

David R Hawkins - November Satsang 2006 Disc 1/2 (via iam-youis)

(via inhabitude)